Purling Brook Falls

Towering 106m above the valley below, Purling Brook Falls can vary from just a small flow in drier times to a roaring spectacle during heavy rain.

Basalt soils which occur above the Falls retain and slowly release rainfall. Where this groundwater meets the hard rhyolite layer it expresses as streams over the sheer vertical rhyolite cliffs, often forming spectacular waterfalls.

The forests immediately above the falls are dominated by Eucalyptus trees with many rainforest species in the understorey, while the valley below contains lush, subtropical rainforest. These forests contain a variety of threatened flora and fauna. At least one giant Red Cedar tree was left in the valley below by the pioneering loggers and it can be seen, from numerous vantage points, bearing many large epiphytes.

From the various lookouts, watch out for a variety of larger birds such as Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoos, and Wedge-tailed Eagles. Listen out for the distinctive call of the rare Albert's Lyrebird around winter, while in summer, listen for the Green Catbird and the Wompoo Pigeon.

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