About & Acknowledgements

About Discover Springbrook (DS)

DS is a self-guided app which highlights some of the many plants and animals that live along public walking tracks at Springbrook.

DS is a nature-based app with safety and other useful information but does not offer any retail services (e.g. where to find shops, cafes or accommodation).

DS indicates the locations of car parks and current amenities including toilets, picnic tables, picnic shelters and electric barbeques.

DS is able to show your exact location* in Springbrook and on a public walking track, an important and unique safety measure. This is based on access to GPS not phone towers.

DS alerts users to any current road or track closures.

DS offers emergency contacts.

It is recommended users open the required pages of the app while in mobile range to enable access when out of range.

All photographs on this app including plants, animals and landscapes are taken at Springbrook.

  • location accuracy will vary according to the mobile phone type; the degree of accuracy is shown in metres.

Acknowledgements to:

David for his bountiful knowledge of the Springbrook area and its flora.

Eric for his outstanding capabilities as web design & developer.

Matthew for his background help, editing, uploads, IT & trackside assistance and brainstorming.

Rebecca and Jon for editing, admin and marketing support.

(Damian and Narelle for their outstanding fauna input).

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