Apple Tree Park

Apple Tree Park is the first recreational area encountered once on the Springbrook Plateau and contains picnic tables, shelters, BBQ's and toilet facilities. Apple Tree Park offers a refreshing picnic stop with beautiful forest scenery as an introduction to other locations in Springbrook. Enjoy the diversity of trees, ferns and other plants, the rainforest understory and the tremendous bird life as an introduction to the World Heritage listed Springbrook National Park.

Apple Tree Park also offers several short walks including a 20-minute walking track through some of the best remaining patches of wet sclerophyll forest remaining in South East Queensland. Wet sclerophyll forest is dominated by tall Eucalyptus, Corymbia and Syncarpia species in the canopy with a range of rainforest species in the understorey.

The diversity of plants and animals along this short walk is remarkably high including a high number of vines species and several threatened species. There are occasional springboard tree stumps from early logging days; however, many large old trees were not logged and have been retained.

The location of Appletree Park is part way along the Great Walks track which runs from Binna Burra in Lamington National Park (to the west of Springbrook) then through Numinbah Valley then up the western flanks of Springbrook to Apple Tree Park. It then crosses Springbrook Road and continues via Warringa Pool to Purling Brook camping ground. This campground is only a short drive from Appletree but if hiking and properly prepared, it's an approximate four-hour strenuous walk from Apple Tree Park.

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